Love to love to Lovie Ya.

Who is advising this guy on what plays to challenge? Lovie Smith should be the only head coach in the NFL who isn’t allowed to hang on to the red flag in his own sock. Give it to Tice, Bates, hell give it to assistant strength and conditioning coach Rusty Jones. Lovie barely looked like he had a grasp of what he was challenging on the Andrew Luck fumble / Peppers interception mess, but he won, boosting his all time challenge win percentage to a whopping 8.6%. Uh Oh. Now he’s rolling. Even before the ill-advised spot of the ball challenge on Marshall, he was reaching for the flag every snap. Trigger finger was itching. “I won one, that wasn’t so hard! I got this now! What else can I challenge? Jay called a time out … can I challenge that? I challenge that we didn’t actually call a timeout. Forte runs for 4 around the end. I think he only got 2. Can I challenge it? No, ok … come on this is no fun. WAIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO BRANDON MARSHALL???? I CAN CHALLENGE THIS!!!!!  Comingtoyaaaahaaaa!!!!!!!”


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