Smiling Bears Fan

As week 1 has come and gone, I look back and can’t help but smile at the possibilities. Normally, while everyone else is optimistic, I’m the Bears fan who picks them to go 4-12. Not this year. Not this fan. I found myself counting the minutes until the Bears/Packers game on Thursday night as soon as the game ended on Sunday. Not that my predictions matter, but I picked them to go 12-4, winning the NFC North. For once in my life, I care more about the Bears than I do about my fantasy squad (full disclaimer: I have Cutty and Bmarsh, but that doesn’t matter). As long as I can remember, the Bears have tried to win with defense and special teams. Don’t get me wrong, if you win 2 of 3 phases, you have a better chance to win the game, but the NFL has become a passing league where DBs can’t even think about touching WRs without a pass interference penalty being called, so why wouldn’t you try to put together an offense that embraces that philosophy? Watching the Bears week 1 against the Colts was a breath of fresh air to a skeptic Bears fan. In 2010 when the Bears went 11-5, I picked them to go 3-13, and that was with a better defense than they have now. When they have played the Packers in previous years, I prayed that Rodgers would get hurt just to keep the game manageable. If they gave up more than 14 points, I couldn’t find a way for them to win against great teams. Now, I’m waiting for the defense to get off the field, so I can witness the soon to be greatness that is the Bears offense. In the past, Sundays were for napping and keeping up on fantasy football as soon as the Bears game was out of hand. Not anymore. Not this year. I DVR games now if there is a chance I miss even a minute. This is must see TV. This is the start of something special. As Coach Ditka says, “If not now, when?” and he’s right. With an offense that has 2 WRs on the outside that stand 6’3″ and 6’4″, and a running game that rivals any team in the league, the time is now. Superbowl or bust! Go Bears!!!



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