Out played & out coached

First off, I’ll admit it: I was the moron who said the Cutler to Marshall ball in the endzone was a bad ball. I’ve gone to church, asked for forgiveness, said 10 “Our Fathers,” 5 “Hailmaries,” and have tried to retract my previous statement.  All I was saying is that it could’ve been a better ball, and I have seen worse “drops” by the likes of TO and Stevie Johnson. Either way, I was wrong, and I am able to admit that, so we move on to the actual game.  I would usually say that it comes down to execution because the coach isn’t out on the field holding the miserable offensive lines’ hand, but not today.  After watching the game last night, I walked out of the bar with a few questions that have plagued the Bears since Martz was still around. Why do coaches continue to be so stubborn and refuse to change WHAT DOES NOT WORK? Martz did it with his plays that took forever to develop and almost got Cutler killed. It appears nothing changes with Tice calling plays. I realize the Bears had 2nd & 26 or 3rd & 52, but really? J’Marcus Webb couldn’t block a lawn chair, and Clay Matthews is no lawn chair. Give the man help because we have seen over the last couple of seasons that he definitely cannot do it on his own. Clay Matthews had 6 sacks all of last season, but was able to beat Webb like a red-headed stepchild to end the game with 3.5 in last night’s game alone.  My second thought happened late in the game (I know I’m slow, so it takes me a while to put thoughts together), but play action does not work when you are down 2 scores and the defense knows you have not committed to the run all night. If what Lovie says is true, “We are a running team,” then 23 carries is not nearly enough to prove that statement right. I realize the Bears threw the ball 27 times and ran it 23 times, but these numbers are so misleading. Cutler was sacked 7 times during the game which adds to his possible attempts. Maybe if they commit to the run instead of poorly blocking play action all night, the play action will work eventually. The last thought I had about the game was the fake field goal that went for a touchdown. Can you say “Out coached?” I know this isn’t Madden ’13, but even I run FG Safe Man because of the possibility of a fake. If I can tell when a good time to fake a FG, surely the coaching staff of the Bears knows better than I.  As soon as Crabtree crossed the goal line on the fake field goal, the game was over. The Bears were totally screwed mentally. Down 10-0 and there is no way you can possibly come back? That’s on the coaches not preparing the team more than the players not executing. I wonder what Lovie actually does in the locker room at half time. Probably plays a mean game of Euchre because he sure as hell doesn’t try to make adjustments for the second half. This was one of my four losses when I predicted the Bears to go 12-4, so I’m not that disheartened, but I have to find something to do for 10 days before they go whoop up on the St. Louis Rams. Bear Down! Go Bears!



2 thoughts on “Out played & out coached

  1. Robb Schwartz says:

    did you see cutler glare at webb one of those times??

  2. haha definitely, was glaring at him all night – i’d be glaring at the guy too if he was putting my life at risk every 40 seconds ~shake

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