After a Bears performance last night which came up short in most aspects, there’s really only one I feel like I need to comment on as the twittiots of the world have already hung Cutler for a public stoning in Daley Plaza and retired Urlacher’s number.

The Bears knew they were going against one of the best pass-rushing defensive lineman in the NFL in Clay Matthews. They also knew that they have one of the worst pass-blocking offensive lineman in the NFL in J’Marcus Webb. So why, oh why, did it take until the 3rd quarter for them to bring extra protection to that side on passing downs. Why wasn’t an extra Tight End or Fullback tethered to Webb’s side from the minute the team bus arrived in Green Bay. It wasn’t like Matthews even had to work hard for it. He burned Webb around the edge worse than the carmelized crust on a Pequod’s pizza all night long. On the most memorable sack of this young NFL season, he jumped on Cutler like a Gremlin and suplexed him a la Jerry Linn dropping the Hardy Boyz at WWF Summerslam 2000.

The fact that we had to watch 35 minutes of J’Webb getting publicly embarrassed before an adjustment was made isn’t anything new. It points out one of Lovie’s most glaring shortcomings – the inability to make an effective adjustment in strategy during the course of a game. I believe (could be off by a few games) the Bears are now 51-10 when leading at the half and a paltry 13-38 when trailing during Lovie’s tenure. When the in-going game plan is working, the Bears seize the lead and never look back. But when the scripted book is off, there are 11, sometimes 12, guys on the field completely lost, blundering about as our quarterback is driven through the dirt and secondary is shredded.

This makes two straight weeks that the Bears came out throwing on the first offensive snap and lost 10+ yards getting sacked. First play of the game and couldn’t pass protect. In a delightful twist of irony, all I can say is maybe Lovie needs to return to his “We Get Off The Bus Running” mantra. Although that could be a challenge with Forte out indefinitely with the dreaded high ankle sprain.



One thought on “Self-Scouting

  1. 52ShadesofClay says:

    Great quote from Mike Tice on his inspired gameplan:

    “We’re going to try to block him. We’re going to do that. We’re not going to specifically scheme for him, if that’s what you’re asking. Our guys have to buck up to the challenge.”

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