I almost quit Social Media last night.  It happened quickly.  It didn’t take much.  A whiffed block by Forte on the opening offensive play of the game for the Bears and there’s D.J. Smith smothering Cutler for a 13 yard loss.  And here come the idiots, and they rained (reigned?) for the next 3 hours.  After somehow navigating through an entire week of not so cute “Puck the Fackers” comments and numerous sophomoric Photoshopped images of Bears players sexually exploiting Packers, I thought I’d had enough.

But this night was special.  Like a solar eclipse of idiocy that you know will damage your eyes, but you just can’t look away.   And it wasn’t just your run of the mill, Jaime from Humboldt Park idiot either tweeting “why don’t we throw more slants like the good teams do?”.  We had it all.

We had Chicago Sports Radio personality Lawrence Holmes getting in on the fun, tweeting incessantly about Urlacher’s inability to shed blocks after the knee injury.  If only we could have blamed his knee for this same problem the past 12 seasons (tweets have since been deleted).  We had national sports writer Jason Whitlock denouncing Mike Mayock’s accurate analysis of Cutler’s second interception thrown over the middle to Earl Bennett, of which it seemed Bennett had his feet planted in cement.  We had Diabetes jokes from @sirdiesel “”Cutler’s got great feet”. That’ll make it that much sadder in 20 years when they’re amputated” (feel free to troll him).  And we even had people close to this blog texting about how Cutler could have thrown that post-corner to Marshall in the end zone, which was dropped, just a little bit better.

See I learned something last night.  Instead of throwing footballs at various objects around my condo every time Roberto Garza got worked over (yes it wasn’t just Jamarcus Webb), I decided to watch others self-destruct via Social Media.  I had one Facebook friend call Jay Cutler an asshole and declare it will be the last Bears game he’ll ever watch, via his Facebook status.  I can’t wait until September 23rd when he will inevitably upload photos of himself in his Cutler jersey enjoying a victory over the Rams.

What most of these idiots failed to realize in their immediate emotional state, is that nothing has changed.  Hopes were irrationally raised after a pantsing of the Colts at home, I get it.  But 100% of rational Bears fans had marked the trip to Lambeau as a loss when the schedule was released anyway.  Perhaps the way they lost was demoralizing to some, but it shouldn’t be.

Yes, Jamarcus Webb is still bad.  Yes, Jay Cutler still has a propensity to throw interceptions on the road.  And yes, the play calling/game planning must be better.  But it’s not all doom & gloom.

Tim Jennings has been the best CB in football for 2 weeks, Lance Briggs is still Lance Briggs, and even though they were MIA last night, there is still more talent on that offense than at any other time in Bears history.

Let’s bury this one & move on to the next.  But save a screenshot of your Twitter timeline first, so you have some blackmail material during NFC Championship week.



One thought on “Twitiots

  1. I can’t imagine who said that corner post to Marshall could have been thrown better. Anyone who would say that is a total dolt, IMHO.

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