Please, Please, Please. Let’s Tone It Down.

This Sunday, the once-hapless Rams come into town. Jeff Fisher brings Sam Bradford who seems to have control of an NFL offense for the first time, a secondary which gave Matt Stafford fits in week 1, and a team that staged a comeback win against anointed Redskins Savior RG3 in week 2. Lovely stuff.

On the home sideline, the Bears are looking for a collective do-over after last Thursday night’s debacle. Better pass protection from a tweaked line, 3rd down stops on defense, and doing away with mental lapses are the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention, the media will have a field day scrutinizing the sideline for a cheerier demeanor from everyone in a blue shirt.

Sunday being home game #2, let’s also address improvement from the fans. I forget which Phase we are – 6? Jay wants the fans to be quiet. Not all the time, just when the Bears have the ball, more specifically, when the Bears have the ball in the red zone.  After the Colts win (when Bob from Oak Lawn was writing new lyrics to the Super Bowl Shuffle) Jay asked very nicely to tone it down so he can get all Peyton Manning at the line. “Please, please, please. Tone it down.” He didn’t shoulder anyone in the United Club or drop a forearm shiver on Staley the Bear on the way back to the locker room. He asked nicely.

For years Bears fans have been furiously spouting criticism at Martz or Ron Turner or whoever else is calling plays for not letting our QBs audible at the line. We’ve sat around on Sundays watching our tremendously average quarterbacks get up under center, see something dreadful coming their way and do nothing but take the snap, close their eyes and hope their head stays attached with a LB coming unblocked around the end. Remember Wilber Marshall’s hit on Joe Ferguson? Things haven’t been that different in Chicago the last couple years. Finally we have an offensive coordinator in Mike Tice willing to let it rip and a gunslinger capable of making the right audible, but who is going to muddle it up? The home crowd.

Peyton Manning has had a hall of fame career being an on-field offensive coordinator. In a dome. Because Colts fans were competent enough to be quiet while their offense had the ball. Or the fans were all relatively sober because they can’t sell alcohol on Sundays in Indiana. Either way, it works. Except when Peyton threw 3 picks on Monday in Atlanta – but maybe the proof is in the pudding, the Falcons fans were LOUD, particularly when Denver had the ball.

Cutty making reads at the line is the second greatest weapon in Chicago’s history. The first was probably Christian Bale when he was running around the city for a few summers pretending to be Batman.

So rather than having 8 in the box staring at an o-line featuring 5 guys playing out of position, ready to put My Guy in a body bag, Jay can send em scrambling trying to cover self-proclaimed 6-5 (listed at 6-4) Brandon Marshall. Remember the game against the Giants two years ago? If you were 20 Miller Lites deep and don’t, it’s OK, neither does Jay. But he certainly wishes he could have changed a few up and kept his marbles in order.

So please, please, please, Bears fans. Tone it down. You might even be able to hear what Cutty has to say. I bet some of it is absolutely hilarious.



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