The Sky is not falling

I’ve had almost 10 days to let the butt whooping that the Packers gave the Bears settle in, and I am here to tell everyone that the sky is NOT falling. I’ve listened to sports talk radio all week and have had to turn it off at times. Jay Cutler is the same QB the bears got when they traded for him. He hasn’t changed a bit, and that’s ok. When he came to Chicago, everyone was complaining about his body language, or how he wasn’t a big game QB, or that he wasn’t the savior in the first year with the team. I’m not sure the last one is true, maybe I made it up, but I continue to say, “Who cares about his body language?” He is a big game QB. Everyone in the city complained about Sexy Rexy and Kyle “Neck Beard” Orton when they were running the offense. It is what we do as a fan base.

I will continue to back Cutler whether he bumps Webb or kicks Tice in the shin. I will even back Cutler if he punches out Lovie; I might back him more if he does that. I know one other blogger who agrees with me on that. The controversy started with Cutty’s “Jay Bump” has given the fans something to talk about for more than a week, but one big thing was lost in all of this madness: the St. Louis Rams will still show show up to play at Solider Field on Sunday. The Rams pulled off an impressive win at home last Sunday against an upstart Redskins team lead by RGIII. Fisher has this team moving in the right direction with Sam Bradford moving the ball well and not turning the ball over. Before this year, I would probably say the Rams are coming into Chicago to their tails handed to them, but don’t sleep on the Rams this year. I realize they aren’t the 49ers, but they can still play. The game started at Bears -10, but has moved to Bears -7.5. I still feel that this is too big a number to cover for the Bears. With all the chaos at Halas Hall this week (DJ Moore running his mouth – “The truth will set you free.”), the Bears must be wishing they were on a shortened week like the last when the Packers showed them they are the NFC North Division Champs for a reason.

After the madness that is the 2012 Chicago Bears materialized this week, I just shook my head and moved on. While the Bears are not as good as the 41-21 beat down that they put on the Colts, they are definitely not as bad as the 23-10 debacle we saw last Thursday night against the Packers. Everyone seems to forget that the season is far from over. We, as fans, are 2 games into this very young, poorly officiated, season. I thought this Packers game was a loss from the beginning, and I drank too much Bears Kool-Aid after the first win. So, once again, the sky is not falling. Do not listen to Chicken Little. This Packers loss was just an acorn (not an a-corn for all you Tyler Hansbrough fans out there). With all this 2am rambling, I will end with saying the Bears win a close one, but do not cover 27-24 (Don’t take my word for it. What do I know?) Bear Down. Go Bears.



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