Another Win, Another Smile

As Monday night has come and gone with the Bears chalking up another win, the first thing that crossed my mind was: Will Shake please shut up about how Lovie sucks as a coach now? Probably not, but they won last night, and it wasn’t in spite of Lovie. It was nice to see the defense make Romo look like Sanchez, and even better to see Cutty get his mojo back. As long as the Bears keep winning, I don’t care how they do it.

Last week left a bad taste in my mouth with the way the offense played, but they won, so it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, all that matters is winning, and on Monday Night Football, Lovie Smith wins. With last night’s win, he improves his record to 8-2 (5-2 on the road) on MNF. Shake continues to give you stats about how incompetent Lovie is, and I agree to some degree, but the Bears win (Lovie wins).

With last night’s win, I saw the Bears moving a step in the right direction. The things that scared me coming into this season (the defense being old; could they get pressure with the front 4?), don’t scare me as much anymore. The things that scared me after the first couple games (mainly the offensive line sucking), now scare me even less.  The defense looks as good now as it has in a long time, and with pressure from the front 4 it is easy to see why this defense works. The Bears are able to run a bend, don’t break defense like the Tampa-2 (Chicago-2 doesn’t sound as nice, but it has evolved into something that can be special) with the pressure they get from the front 4. Looking at the stats from last nights game, the Bears only recorded 1 sack, but bothered Romo enough into throwing 5 INTs. They don’t always need to put QBs on their back, just throw off their timing and make them uncomfortable. My questions were answered so far: they don’t look old and they can pressure with the front 4.

I know a couple of the INTs from last night were gifts from Romo, but I’ll look passed them and on to the offensive line. For starters, Cutler was only sacked twice last night against the Cowgirls (burned!). A stat line of: 18 of 24 for 275 yards passing and 2 TDs is just what the doctor ordered for an offense that looked incapable of anything last week against a bad Rams team. Cutty was only sacked twice in last week’s win, but it had a different feeling to it. As I watched last night, I kept thinking to myself, “It’s amazing what he can do when he’s not on his back.” This happens every year though for the Bears. Every year, they stick with a game plan that doesn’t work for a couple weeks on how to protect Jay Cutler. It usually takes until their bye week (week 7 or 8 often times), but Tice is not as stubborn as Martz. Tice found ways to help keep Cutty upright. He didn’t leave Webb out on an island against the freak of nature that is, DeMarcus Ware. They ran the ball more than they threw it last night, and that goes a long way in helping keep the defense off balance. It was nice to see Hester get involved early (just to frustrate Shake even more), but it seemed forced. Two quick WR screens to Hester that gained a total of 4 yards were probably scripted just so he wouldn’t bitch later in the game, but the running game was moving the ball, so why?

Either way, I was more than pleased with the game plan, and it was nice to watch the Cowgirls self-destruct at home on national television. Jerry Jones can suck it. Until he lets someone else be more hands-on with the team while he sits in his luxury box, they aren’t going to make the playoffs, let alone win a Superbowl. Not that any of you care, but I did take the Bears plus the number, and the over for the scoop. A little walking around money, another win from the bears, and another smile on my face. Go Bears! Bear Down!



2 thoughts on “Another Win, Another Smile

  1. EB's Faja says:

    For “three bears fans who can’t agree on anything” can we get a little more interOTBrunning disgracing/debating? Besides Phatty getting yelled at for thinking Cutler’s pass to Marshall in GB was over thrown and this post’s reference to Shakes hatred for Lovie, I wanna see more bashing. I wanna see the first debate on Peanut being a shut down corner vs. an overrated ball puncher… you could even throw in some gay jokes, AIDS references, or racial slurs to get DAJ involved for extra entertainment.

    EB’s Faja

  2. Get bent Phatty. Lovie is an average coach who has, for reasons unknown, been able to continue getting contract extensions for not making the playoffs. Maybe it’s because “his guys get up and play for him” or he always has something nice to say in the media session about whichever player’s complete brain fart blew the win. Say one more time that “We like our football team.”

    Golf clap on that 8-2 MNF record. Last time I checked, team’s records on one or two Monday nights a year don’t earn them an invite to play football in January. The 14 other Sundays a year when they fall flat closes the door pretty quickly.


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