Do The Rusty Jones

I’m sure we can make this ‘a thing.’ Whether it’s a dance move or a sex position, by week 8 I bet “The Rusty Jones” will be bigger than Gangnam Style. You put your hands on your hips, make a face like you took a shot of Malort and got grapefruit juice in both eyes at the same time, and awkwardly thrust forward/down 2 or three times.

I can’t wait to see if the Bears have to apologize for this latest sideline gaffe caught on camera. It annoys me to no end that teams, players, coaches and celebrities in general constantly have to apologize for everything they do or say that offends a group of cause-heads with too much time on their hands. The media & public beg for more and deeper access into players’ lives, but then demand change based on what is exposed.

Everyone is clamoring for more cameras and angles, more players mic’d up, more locker room access, YouTube videos and Twitter accounts, shows like HBO’s Hard Knocks. But once one player does something “offensive” the media is ready to run them out of town with pitchforks unless they read some PR-issued blanket apology. Does a completely insincere apology really make people feel better? If you want to see what these players do every minute of every day, don’t get upset when you see what those things are.

It happened on the Jets season of Hard Knocks, where viewers became offended when they found out the extreme level at which Rex Ryan cusses. WHY WAS THAT SURPRISING? He’s an NFL football coach. On top of that, it was on HBO, where the rules of public broadcasting do not apply. And more importantly, why did people think they needed to change who he was? It happened again with the Giants when punter Steve Weatherford posted a YouTube video of Jason Pierre Paul throwing Prince Amukamura into an ice bath. In the background you had teammates using some profane language. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN AN NFL LOCKER ROOM. And by all accounts, a toss into an ice bath and a few F-Bombs has to be the tamest thing that happened in the Giants’ locker room that day. Get. Over. It.

Either watch, follow & be entertained or ignore it completely, but everyone needs to stop trying to change who these athletes are. Did Rusty Jones make an inappropriate gesture on the sideline? Sure. But to be fair, the Bears’ were having their grapefruit-eyed way with the Jaguars for all 30 minutes of the second half. Should Rusty Jones think a camera would ever be on him on the sideline? No. He’s a trainer. And if you had the Bears mic’d up on the sideline and in the locker room post-game, I’m sure you would have caught some much more explicit and offensive descriptions of what was happening out there than The Rusty Jones.


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