SMH @Shake & Some Bears Thoughts

I took some time off because the bears had a bye week, and then I took off another 2 weeks because I had my own form of writer’s block. It’s called laziness, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to write about until Shake wrote about how the bears could be playing against an 8-2 vikings team come week 12.  When I read anything, I can normally see the writer’s side of things, even if I do not agree with it, but I really had no idea where shake was coming from with this one. I was laughing when I read it because I was hoping that he was writing it as a joke, but this was not the case, so now I’m shaking my head at shake.

If we look at their schedule, we will see that they snuck by a bad jacksonville team in week 1, lost to the upstart colts in week 2, got a solid home win against the 49ers week 3 (49ers aren’t as good as last year and their QB sucks still), beat a bad lions team, handled a bad titans team, lost to a “are we good? are we bad?” redskins team, beat an awful cardinals team, and to put a cherry on top, they got taken out behind the woodshed and beat with a leather belt by a miserable bucs team.

So shake, you thought that beating a bunch of bad teams to get to 4-1 would mean that they would continue this throughout the season? Most of the teams in the NFL are phonies to begin with, and the vikequeens are definitely doing it with smoke and mirrors. I normally don’t think the experts know shit when it comes to picking games, and we could guess just as well as they do, but you don’t get that chance anymore. BAD!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, onto the bears.  With the bye week, I have only missed my thoughts on 1 game thus far, but do you really need to know what I think about the Jacksonville Jaguars and the beatdown that the bears put on them 3 weeks ago? They are bad, the bears defense is good, and the speech at halftime went something like this from Lovie, “Really? We are tied 3-3 at the half with this team? Chamoan!” then the bears run back out onto the field for the 2nd half and the rest is history, 41-3.

So we move on to the important games like this past monday when the bears played the lions, and announced their presence with authority. Ok, not really, but the lions are just bad. I was a believer last year and thought Captain Fatface had them moving in the right direction with that high powered offense.  That is not the case this year.  I realize the bears defense is awesome, and they are allowing 13 PPG and only 8 PPG in their last 4 games.  At the start of the season, I was worried about the defense being too old and thought the offense would have to put up stats like the “greatest show on turf” did to stay competitive, but the bears continue to be the solid defensive team that they always are.  Play solid defense, get a special teams score here and there, and don’t turn the ball over.  Since Lovie took over as head coach, this has been the recipe for success (even though they have turned the ball over a ton as Shake has pointed out in a previous post).

It makes me a little sad that the bears offense has not produced the way I thought it would to this point, and when they play a real team like the texans, they are going to need more out of the offense than 13 total points.  I don’t think they can hold everyone scoreless the rest of the way, so they need to figure out how to outscore them.  Your 2012 Chicago bears look like the 2011 SF 49ers with a much better qb, and the 49ers went to the NFC Championship.  They would’ve been in the Super Bowl had it not been for a couple of bad fumbles by Kenny Williams’ kid, so I’m hoping that’s where the bears are headed minus the ill-timed fumbles.

Finally, I guess I should make a prediction for this coming Sunday against the frowny faced Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.  Early in the season I was still on the Cam Newton bandwagon, but after the “woe is me” performance at his press conference after last week’s game, I want to kick him in the nuts.  Bears win this one easy. I do not care how good the panther’s defense is. Bears win: 38-10. Shake still doesn’t know anything about sports as you can see from his vikings post. Go Bears! Bear down!



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